URLs to go back to H. Harvey (land, no clouds)


And for a corner piece, at lower left corner—

Starting on the right, going left, several rows up from the bottom row

Starting on the left…


I’m still in nowhere farmlands. Anyone give me a city-town URL ? I’ll give you some emojis. LOL


Here ya go cagey :slight_smile:


Bribes, So late at night, Cagey? My, My. :panda_face::grin:


Oh heck, I didn’t even spot the bribe 'til you mentioned it…I only got as far as the URL and went off to get my link for her :laughing:

I’m in a hurry, I’ve only got half an hour left, then won’t be able to get back on 'til tomorrow night :wink:


My restart URLs

  1. in the "north"

  2. go left

3 go left

4 go left

5 go left

6 go right

7 go left






No clouds here…


Flooded area.


I think I’m in roughly the same area… :anguished:

We almost need to be asking for a “Major Destruction” tag so that we can mark the area as such and move on. There is so much damage…


Another cloud free (and thankfully intact) area


Yep Major FLOD Damage.


dam or a long levy. wish we had a large area destruction tag


Here’s another cloud-free tile if anyone wants to start from an edge…


City-town for you, with a pic.
Long way to go yet,


What? No hearts? :heart_eyes:



Remember to evaluate based on buildings and roads, not on water area. For example, the image above looks (on first glance) like a construction site, and probably most won’t need tagged. (No building, no tag.) We also don’t need to mark unpaved-construction “roads” where no homes exist. (Or highway construction with just dirt.)


@cageycat belive me, alot to tag in that area.