US McMurdo Station Antarctica


Hey, I found seals . . . biiig seals :smiley:
Been having a roam around McMurdo Station on Google maps at “Hut Point”, there’s a panoramic image with them in it :slight_smile: Co-ords: -77.846097, 166.637622

Weddell Seals: Let's follow Dr. Michelle LaRue's expedition to Antarctica

What’s the big cross near them (with the man looking down at them)?

When was it erected?
How big is it?
By whom? What group?
Any particular reason?
Do they hold any prayer service(s) there? (in the cold)
Any backlash now that the division of religion vs State has been so strong in society (and since McMurdo is a US run Station)?



OK here are some answers:
Memorial Cross on Observation Hill

"After their deaths in early 1912, the last members of Robert Falcon Scott’s party were found by a search party led by the surgeon Edward L. Atkinson."

…“The search party returned to their base camp in McMurdo Sound to await the relief ship. After it arrived, they worked to build a memorial – a nine-foot wooden cross, inscribed with the names of the fatal party and the final line of the Alfred Tennyson poem “Ulysses”, which reads “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” On 22 January 1913, after a difficult two-day sledge journey, the cross was erected on the summit of Observation Hill, overlooking the camp and facing out towards the “Barrier” – the Ross Ice Shelf, on which Scott’s party had died. In 1972, the cross was declared as one of the initial Historic Sites and Monuments in Antarctica by the Antarctic Treaty signatories, as HSM-20.”


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Cross erected in memory of George Vince, a member of Robert Scott’s 1901-1904 Antarctic expedition. He died on 11 March 1902 while trying to return to the ship “Discovery” in McMurdo Sound after being caught on land in a blizzard. He fell over a cliff into the ocean and his body was never recovered. The inscription on the cross reads: SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF GEORGE T. VINCE AB R.N. OF THE “DISCOVERY” WHO WAS DROWNED NEAR THIS SPOT MARCH 11TH 1902.

The nearby Hut built by Robert Falcon Scott at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica during the Discovery expedition that he led from 1901 - 1904. His ship became embedded in pack ice in February 1902 and he was forced to build the hut to survive the long Antarctic winter.

The Chapel of the Snows is a non-denominational Christian church