User "levels" as set by Discourse (forum developers)


This makes for some interesting reading, if you want to understand our “Levels” for members in the forum. It explains certain “actions” that are needed but not spelled out elsewhere.


You know after reading through all that, I got to wondering if the Admin adjusted any of the thresholds :thinking:

At first I thought it seemed a bit silly and pointless to automatically demote a Regular to Member if they’ve been inactive for a couple of weeks whilst holidaying or healthy issues. But then, mind you, I suppose if you could contact an Administrator to see if they could reinstate you, particularly those members who’ve been here from the beginning of time :wink:


I wish I could clarify, Em, but that’s all under the Admin area. Admins are only the folks who actually work for Tomnod (all the Techs and crowdsourcing staff).

AKE, Ruth, and I were set up as Leaders. We don’t have access to the back end (if I did, I’d reset our default emojis that Discourse changed this summer and put it back to the original set… and I’d look into why some of our badges have dead links).


Oh I know that Cagey :grinning: I know my memory is bad but it’s not that bad :upside_down_face:

The Admins are actually listed in here:-

Mind you I don’t think it’s been updated in a while 'cause @Mel_Nod isn’t listed :wink:


The management list has been changed to reflect the addition of @Mel_Nod

We, your loyal Nodders, welcome you, Melissa. Oh, the forum pet :panda_face: welcomes you as well. She spends most of her time in the ‘Members Only Lounge’ keeping the dust bunnies in check, keeping the lounge clean. Seems the dust bunnies have a ferocious appetite for Cheetos. - ake (forum mod)


@Mel_Nod @HappyMapper @cageycat

Any chance of creating a new ‘Administrative’ category?

Not sure if a user level restriction would be need… -ake


Thank you, @AKE235 and all, happy to be here with you!