Username and Profile Settings


My username will now show up as @TerriB

2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting

Hi TerriB, the only time you’ll see the “@” sign ahead of “TerriB” is when you or someone else types it in manually - like this: @TerriB
When one types it in, a pop-up will appear showing various suggestions of user names. When one clicks on one of these, the software inserts the user name without the “@” sign. Hope this helps. :smiley:


Thanks Jim7! @Mel_Nod changed my username for me. For some reason I did not have an
“Edit” on that part of my profile…so I was stuck with T_Boechler for a while!!! This is a little easier to spelll!!! :smiley:


But, but, but . . . you’re pink :open_mouth:


Something changed when Mel changed the name, maybe just part of the “quirk” in my profile setup!!!


Terri, you should be able to click on your profile icon at the upper right, then click on the settings cog. In the menu that comes up, you should be able to edit your profile icon. At least that’s how it is in my profile. :wink:


It says it’s “system assigned” since my username changed.


That bites! Maybe @Mel_Nod can change it to the color of your liking.


Can’t you just change it to what you want here:-


no my profile settings are a little different, that’s why I couldn’t change it in the first place. I’m okay with it for now. Maybe when we start a new campaign my profile will reset to “normal” and I can make any changes in it myself! :slight_smile:


N.B. I don’t know if it matter to you @TerriB , but when I get an email telling me that I’ve gotten a reply to one of my posts it still gives the email sender as “T Boechler”.


That’s okay. Mel_Nod said it may change only in certain areas - the forum - and she didn’t think it would change in the profile, but it did. I am hoping if we change campaigns, we can reset the profile some so I have the usual settings. Thanks @Shaul


Hey @TerriB I promoted you to a “regular” trust level user. Thank you for being a wonderful member of our community!!!

I was also wondering if you visit your profile now, whether you have more options to edit. If you have a chance, take a peek, but it sounds like all is more or less ok.


Thanks!!!, :smiley: @Mel_Nod! i will check through my profile.