Viewing without the black masking grid


Now I have a fast internet feed the image loads really fast but the black mask actually takes longer. If I scroll (arrow) quickly through the tiles, occasionally the grid stops loading and my large 25" display shows the whole image.

This is actually a much quicker way to view large areas or ocean as I can scroll much faster and cover the area much quicker than waiting for the mask to load after each click.

therefore I wonder if we could toggle off the mask?


hi @Loz

I could be wrong, but I think it might have to do with the size of the image plus the demand it would place on the server if we all viewed the unmasked image all at the same time. I wouldn’t want the server to crash. - oops!

The other limitation is missing the items we need to tag. I almost missed some tiny boats in HK because I had zoomed out.


The image is loading behind anyway so I think its more to do with focusing the person on the single tile. I’m not zoomed out, same resolution just more of it…


I agree with @cageycat about focus, which is why I use the browsers zoom to zoom out to 25% to see the whole campaign area. Very useful when there is a lot of cloud or I need to find land to gain perspective. But it certainly needs to be at 100% to actually search. Besides, keeping the unexplored images masked is to help keep track of what you have and have not searched. Zooming out the browser is also useful for that to find any unexplored tiles you may have missed.

Masking has its pros and cons…it’s always going to be a love/hate relationship.


Yes I agree with all you say which is why I suggested it be a toggle on/off.


Oops, sorry @Loz, forgot about that last line…now I like that idea! Wonder if it would slow things down though, the way it slows down switching between past and present image such as in the WA Fire campaign. Not that it really matters, it’s not that slow, depending on how much ground has been covered.