War in Yemen: The Children Speak Out


I came across this article. I had to read it. It is about the children, their voices, how they feel about war… and about losing their friends. Many heart-wrenching stories. So sad they are caught up in the middle of this.

Children Speak About War in Yemen


:cry: So sad…you are so right…


That is so devastating. People forget about the children and their future. :cry:


That was terrible when all but one child said they had no future. That is despair that no child should have to endure. I’ve always felt sad - actually heartache - whenever I saw a child in the hospital who was injured. I had the very same feeling when I saw those little ones in bandages and read of the injuries they sustained. When I read the part about that mother who saw people on fire and didn’t realize - at first - that they were her own family, I felt so terrible when she said she finally realized they were those whom she was looking for. To have so many lives - very young lives - snuffed out in the blink of an eye is intolerable.