**WARNING** Very Disturbing Footage re Seal hunts


Seals being clubbed with hooked clubs. Quite upsetting!!

(However, FYI – note at 1:54 on the vid that seals do board those jigsaw puzzle ice pieces.)


I’m not looking at this, I’ve seen images in the past in course of exploring info and it turns my stomach :nauseated_face: That’s just barbaric and unnecessary in this day and age, there’s just no excuse!.


I couldn’t bring myself to watch it either… totally evil and unnecessary. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone in their right mind could do this, or would want to d it. :cry::sob::scream:


I’ve seen the original videos and I think the first one was very brutally graphic - and disgusting! These guys are no different than those Chinese who engage in the “Dog Festival” where dogs are skinned (quite often alive) and the meat eaten during the “festival,” or the Japanese who engage in the killing of 133 Minsk whales each year for “scientific research.” What baloney that is! Oh, and let’s not forget about the annual dolphin massacre in that infamous cove! One would think we’re still living in the early 1800’s. Those poor creatures. :anguished:


Because for generations, people used seals (and whales) for food and skins. Today, conservationists are trying to re-educate and change entire cultures to believe that we need to conserve and protect, not beat or spear and consume. :frowning:


And that’s no excuse in this day and age, it’s just not necessary! :angry:
Even sick and badly injured animals are put down more humanly than that aren’t they :open_mouth:


Conservationists are still trying to convince some countries and groups. Jim mentioned one or two.

But every country has “offenders”. US Game Wardens (who protect land, waterways, mammals, fish, etc.) are always going after folks who took more crabs or clams or bear or buffalo than permitted. Sea Shepherd goes after Japan for whaling and the country who kill dolphins in the cove every year and groups who kill ancient sea turtles… sigh. Enough generational “traditions” to choke a bear…


I doubt any country completely innocent :smirk: Like everything else, such “traditions” are going to have to educated and bred out of us.