We were left out of the party :-(


“This weekend we celebrated the first birthday of our newest satellite, WorldView-4. Happy birthday Worldview-4, here’s to helping us See a better world in 30 cm resolution!” Post from DigitalGlobe.

Happy Birthday to the only girl in the fleet. (Remember, we nodders christened WV4 as a girl.)


That’s okay, Cagey. I had cake and ice cream last night. It was my wife’s birthday. :grin: The girls wanted to put one candle for each year, but when she showed them on her fingers how many they’d need, Olivia (5) told her “that will melt the frosting!” :rofl: She settled for using enough candles for each of the two digits of her age - which I’m not going to say that she turned 64. Oops! :open_mouth::rofl:




That gal, WV4, sure likes her bling! Did you know she was in Tomnod’s Miss World? She won.




Yes, no party here in the forum! I believe I’ve mentioned before that we can’t yet process WV4 imagery for use in tomnod… one of these days we’ll get it and we can throw our own party! :confetti_ball:


Girl Power! Girls like WV4 can do ~anything~ we want!

Well, if I wasn’t sick-sick, I’d throw WV4 a party. :frowning:

Otherwise… why can’t it get processed? (confused)


It’s a long and boring story but basically, we order, process, and tile all tomnod imagery using a DG platform called GBDX (as opposed to ordering it from the people at our image factory). There’s a number of reasons for this but timelines and what we need the imagery to do (become web-ready tile stacks) are the biggest ones. We haven’t yet gotten WV4 imagery onto any of DG’s platform services like GBDX yet. One of these days we will, though, and we’ll see what the gal has to offer us!


Harness that Girl Power! Break the universe “ceiling”! Grease the scanner wheels at GBDX and let WV4’s work slide right on in.

Ignore me— I’m on strong cough meds. LOL Good thing, I slept allllllll day, and I’m headed back to sleep now. :slight_smile:

I do hope we see WV4’s work in my lifetime, which might be very short based on how crappy I feel today.


did the same thing Cagey. Slept all Sun. and most of today. Feel better, but could really use some energy.


Now that’s one sexy-looking satellite! :rofl: Yeah yeah… I know… male chauvinistic satellite ogling nodder!
Good night!