Weddel Seals Completely black



Awww fudge! angry8 Hey @Mel_Nod who nicked the maps…again…hmph…annoyed kicking-dirt

…didn’t take the poly though, I noticed :smirk: :rofl:

They were here this mornin; turn my back for a few hours to my laundry and clean the windows’n’stuff and now there gone shock2


Oh…never mind…they’re back embarrassed2


Hi @Claus2, occasionally you will see a black square like this one in our seals campaign. It’s best to vote “no seals” and move on.

I wish they were not there at all, but…we have some areas of interest picked out with overlapping image strips (from different years or times of year). So sometimes an image is selected that is in the black off the edge of one image, but if we edited the area out, we would miss the image on the overlapping strip.

Thanks as always for your help on our campaigns!


But the one above is still black :face_with_monocle::footprints::cat2::water_buffalo::hole::black_flag:


Actually Mel, there’s no map there, claus is an old hand at this, it’s not just a poly in the black border of the map :rofl:

Here’s an image zoomed out to -5 plus zoomed out in google to 25%

There is no map, just the poly :wink:


Did you miss the windows and cleaned the maps off our screens? :thinking:


The sun dried off the windows and PC screens. What sort of cleaner were you using anyway? :neutral_face:


Ah!! @EmeraldEyes and @Claus2, of course you are right! Thanks for pointing this out again to me.

Looks like this is an image that wasn’t processed correctly (but we didn’t catch it before launch). I think I’ve mentioned before that we often have issues processing Antarctic imagery, and this is the case here! Likely there is not enough dynamic range from the input (low sun angle, all white) to process completely. Thanks again.

Edit to add: I removed all of those polygons from the campaign. Thanks again, saves our nodder team some work!


Well I did wonder that myself so I checked down behind the monitor, under and behind the desk and didn’t find anything, so I’m sure I didn’t knock the map off the screen. Besides, I was cleaning the windows outside yesterday, I’m starting on the inside today :wink:

Think maybe @Mel_Nod needs to check around her desk and round the her monitor…her desk must all a’clutter with maps after all them hurricane campaigns we’ve had…she must have a map mountain on her desk :rofl:

idea5 She could start up a new campaign to find the missing map…all she’ll need are a couple of maps of her desk and map mountain :rofl:


Warm water and washing up liquid :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:


Ah a traveling window washer. I’m next!

Shoot, this Mod gets put in time out for off-topic in a Technical Issues thread. – byeeee!