Weddel Seals Poly - Auth0, Oh Auth0, Thou namesake is -- "Broken"


We bid you, for now, fond adieu
For we can do nothing at all for you.

Until you again align our namesakes–
We bid Auth0, Oh Auth0 to AWAKE!


Is anyone else feeling a loss of Identity? LOL

Can't Sign On Tomnod

Yaaaay…I’m in…I’m in…:rofl:



:smiley: …and I even got a badge for using the back door…Bonus!:laughing:


Looks like @AKE235 is catching up on a little reading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, I am still OUT. Count the hundreds I already did under the Anonymous umbrella.


But you can log in to the forum though? What a yo-yo ride :crazy_face:

It’s odd actually logging into Tomnod, it’s slightly back-to-front now. when I start up TN it opens on the main campaign front page, but when I enter my login, it flicks me into my profile page :laughing:



Oh yeah, what Em said, Techies… Login goes to Profile… with no clear way to get to New Campaign. Hint: Click the Tomnod logo.


Yes, it’s fine for the old hands who know where to look…'tis the poor newbies and those who don’t come into the forum who might struggle :thinking:

Mind you, whenever there’s no clear direction on a web page, what I tend to do is swing the mouse around the screen by it’s tail until something lights up or I see a pointy finger :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

image …that usually helps :wink:


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