Weddell Seals campaign - Blurry/pixelated images


Sometimes I log on to look for seals, and the images I’m presented with are useless: all pixelated or blurry. I click on the button to give me a new area to search and it keeps sending me back to the same location. This drives me nuts. There should be a button on the interface to indicate “these satellite images are useless, send me somewhere completely different.” I can’t get out of the website’s loop, when this happens I have to just give up and come back days later in the hopes that when I log on I will be presented with terrain that is in focus and visible.



Didn’t happen for me, I went to other locations. But I understand that it goes to areas which have been looked at the least, so you probably came late to the party hence get the unpopular area. Seals have 98% coverage now.


You could map some islands, looks warmer…


Example of such, the 10m resolution @ 0 zoom level is unusable


I also got pixels the last time. :frowning: