Weddell Seals (Last?) - All black polygons


So far I’ve found two polygons that are all black, i.e., I cannot see anything else even when I zoom out to +5 [Edit: I meant “-5” of course!] and look around:



See the links Shaul posted.


Thanks @Shaul and @cageycat, let me look into what is happening here.


I found another one:

Edit: And another one:

Edit 2: And another:


Just to repeat, vote No on black tiles. Next one will be a real tile.


Here’s another black spot


And another one:


Last URL needs 2 “no” votes (2 black tiles), before getting back on the real map.

( )




Hi @Mel_Nod, I’ve been having black tiles as well. Didn’t note which ones-just thought that they were ‘more of the same’.


Thanks all, I really appreciate this. My guess is we have an image that didn’t process correctly that I didn’t catch. Thank you so much for the alert!! I will look into it!

Edit - meant to say it is SUPER helpful when you post the links to the black ones you find so I can see what is going on with these in the database - thank you!


Ok! There was an image processing failure in there. We already had another image of the area processed that we could swap in, so they should be fixed.

Thanks again, you all are terrific!

If anyone is feeling really spicy, you could re-visit some of these black tiles and cast “correct” votes. But don’t worry too much about it!


I had found eleven all black polygons; I re-visited them all, and I didn’t find seals in any of them.


You are the best, thank you @Shaul!



This one is all black…


Yikes @T_Boechler, thanks for posting!

Looked this one up and it is just one of our annoying “off the edge of the image” ones. This means that we have another image in this area that covers where this polygon is, but it’s duplicated on the edge of this image. Maybe one day I will figure out how to get that out of there.

Keep them coming all!


Thanks @Mel_Nod, I looked around some and in fact lost the poly at one point!!!



Don’t forget to zoom right out to find it again and if that’s not enough zoom out your browser too. And if you switched your poly off whilst exploring then remember to switch that back on too…or you’ll never find yourself :rofl:


A few more all-black, off-the-edge: