Weddell Seals (Last?) - All black polygons


I found polygons that were not close to a satellite picture - I zoomed out to -5, and moved around in all directions from the polygon, without finding anything but black. In the two polygons you listed, the satellite picture is just next to the polygon; that is normal.


Ah, gotcha. Disregard then.


@Mel_Nod posted a good explanation a while ago on why that happens - it’s an overlap from that image set with another image set of the same area. The only difference is that one has an image, the other has fallen off the edge of the picture! It can’t easily be removed from the image set else the tile WITH an image would also be disregarded.


Yes, @Helen’s right. It is a little annoying. We seem to have more than usual in this campaign? I’m sure there’s some way I could process things ahead of time to get around this :thinking:


Is there any code that you could run on the images that could check for 100% coverage of black pixels within the poly?
This wouldn’t work for the part-black tiles, but would at least eliminate some of the frustrating ones from the image pile… :thinking:


@Helen thank you for the inspiration and the nudge!!
Yes, there is. I took some time to test and figure this out this afternoon. I didn’t end up checking for black pixels, I wrote a little code that checks where the geometry of the polygon does not intersect the boundary of the image.

So! I have removed 3864 black polygons from the campaign :smile: :sunny: :tada:!! They are not completely erased, they are just removed from the active voting queue. So if you click on any of their links above you will still be able to visit them; you just shouldn’t be shown any new ones as you’re going along. You should still see polygons that are on the edge of the image, but not completely off and black.

BUT OF course let me know if you are still seeing the all-black ones - this is a new thing so it could be screwed up :wink:




Yes, @cageycat, I see three perfectly valid polygons; the third one is in the middle of dark water, but the other two show ice. What did you see?


All black. Chrome Incognito.


@Shaul @cageycat I saw the same as Shaul in the last ones. The ones you posted earlier, question #79307 14493, 96370, snow and ice below these three and 171572 snow in the polygon.


Same as @Shaul and @TerriB I see the two over snow and one in the water.


That’s great you all see them. However, all that points to is the Tn server or the Amazon hub route I must go through is on overload at the time of day I was on the platform.

For anyone new, Internet routes go through many different companies on the way to a company server and their website. These are called hops. The western hop for me is in Oregon, I believe. Oddly, I go East about 3 hours distance before I come back west, then my traffic zigzags across the US (both north and south) before the final hop that sends it down to Tn server in Colorado. Anywhere along the Internet path can disrupt signals. I found last year in a TraceRoute that the most western huge hub is super slow at times.

Add in what routes Tn takes to get its info back to us…

It’s a wonder that with all the handskakes and hand offs computers must perform nationwide that there aren’t more slow responses or failures.


@cageycat that is plain scary. Too much opportunity for snooping, hijacking the system, system failure, cyber warfare, more people getting a piece of the action etc., etc. I hate to think what would happen in a national emergency where there might need to be a need for volume on the system and the system crashes. :astonished:


That’s how Internet companies shuttle around our click-requests and get us to and from our destinations.

“The tracert command is a Command Prompt command that’s used to show several details about the path that a packet takes from the computer or device you’re on to whatever destination you specify. You might also sometimes see the tracert command referred to as the trace route command or traceroute command.Oct 5, 2017”


Something like that did actually happen last year or so here in UK with in our NHS system. Some malware got into the system causing chaos.


Blue sea poly


Yes, and… :unamused:


If you have a question, Shaul, I’d be happy to answer it or try to answer it…


Yes, why do you point out that one polygon is showing water?


At first I thought you’d put this in the wrong post and it should have been in the - Strange colored polygons post. Because I was thinking it was a bit of floating ice in the poly, like the others up to the right and not a coloured poly.
And then I realised it was you having a bit fun after all the black polys posted :smile:
But thankyou for that 'cos I got another pretty pic out of it :grin: . . . and here I’d already trawled that area and fished out all the pretty pics :thinking: