Weddell Seals (Last?) - All black polygons


Thank-you, Em @EmeraldEyes You get me.

Maybe little bits of sarcasm don’t translate well in text [?]… but sometimes neither does me being “serious”. Sigh. Since I’m out there on the “Sarcasm-fun-ut-oh Spectrum”, I suppose people don’t always know how to take me? More than 80% of the time, it’s meant to be humorous. I’ll be quiet from now on. :wink:

[By the way, that last bit about me being quiet is meant to be irony, since I’m rarely ‘quiet’. LOL ]


No, no, no, don’t be quiet, I get you! :open_mouth:

Hey, it’s taken us years to get each other’s humour and even then we still miss it sometimes :wink:
Suppose it can also depend on mood or being rushed too :smirk: plus the fact I don’t always use emoji’s according to their title so can be misconstrued :roll_eyes:


So does that mean you’re finished with this campaign then? :rofl:


Thank you, @Mel_Nod, for removing the all-black polygons from the campaign. It is so much better now!


I still see some all-black polygons that are close to the satellite picture, but still outside. It’s not a big problem, as it’s very easy to see that it’s an all-black polygon; I’m only posting this list, as you asked for it.

I’ve seen four polygons that “almost” touch the satellite picture, but I didn’t write down those numbers.


Well shoot, thank you for posting, @Shaul! And Tomnod “naturally” brought you to these polygons? I’m glad you posted these.

As I mentioned what I did was some SQL to find polygons that do not intersect the boundary of the image. I’m wondering if the bounds of some images include some buffer of black? All of these are somewhat close to the edge of the image (some closer then others).

Anyway, good to know. Thanks!


Yes as @Shaul, I have seen many. It is a little more difficult this round with the difference in magnification on each tile. i have just marked them “no seals” and I am moving forward!!!:smiley:


Perfect way to do it, @TerriB!

(PS I like your jazzy pink avatar)


That changed when we changed my user name…don’t know how or why…but for now it is “mine” :grinning:


Yes I think discourse picked it randomly when we changed your username :thinking: so many discourse mysteries.

But now I like that pink color, really pops out at me! :grinning:


It makes me squint! :sunglasses::rofl::wink:


Yes, Tomnod gave me those polygons as part of the ordinary flow of polygons.