Weddell Seals (Last?) - Strange colored polygons


What are those strange yellow and purple polygons?


This is very strange @Shaul! Is this from the newest campaign (2284) or from our last Davis/Mawson (2235)?


It’s in the newest campaign.


I found another one:


I just see a pink poly. In Chrome incognito.


These are the two he posted Cagey; I saw them in both Chrome and Incognito .


There’s a pink one further down the map Mel. And on this one there are several, all down the right side of the map if you zoom all the way out…and zoom out the browser; yellow, pink and blue and also two lengthwise slash marks.


And here is another one:


Now this is the strangest thing. Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

We have been doing a lot of experimenting with our image processing, to try to make better images in Antarctica that have more contrast/depth/etc. Perhaps we’ve gone a little too crazy and are getting some relics of the processing in here - but I’m really not sure. I will keep looking into it!



This is part of the same area as the first one on this thread…this is just confirmation it is still showing up later in the campaign…



Here’s another one that has a little blue dot to the right of the poly:



This one is way over to the right-hand side of the map from the poly so you’d need to zoom to -4 to see it.


I know! I know! (Raises paw in air !)

It’s Tomnod’s way to remind us that EASTER IS COMING! All pretty colors! (Well, except the black tiles.) Can’t you imagine it… there’s a crocus! A tulip! Phlox! Pretty colors for pretty flowers…

Uh… oh… wow… tripping on some catnip…



I think that is a bit of float ice in the water it’s just how it shows up in the graphics. Here’s the map zoomed out and in the second image below I circled where that dot is


The colors remind me of the colored bars on a printer test sheet. :smiley:


I’m sure all of you have noted that the ‘polys’ are transparent… you can see map detail through most of them… where detail exists some are over plain surfaces.
Have not seen a single solid colour.




They are like failed or possibly planned polys. If you zoom in on them they have a definite border and then the color of the poly. Maybe planned ‘real’ polys :thinking:


haha yes @Jim7!!
I was able to look into this a little yesterday and I confirmed that they are actually built into the image. They are not something that Tomnod is rouge-displaying as a new or other polygon, they are actual colored pixels in the imagery :confounded: :confused:

My guess is that these are some sort of relic of the image processing that we did, which as I mentioned, we’ve been experimenting with. It’s interesting to see the image before we’ve completed processing - I’ll see if I can get a screenshot for you next week. We have a new way of testing image processes that allows us to view some of the intermediate steps. That system has been down for maintenance the last couple days but when I can get in there I’ll show you. You’ll see that it’s all the same colors - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (CMY but haven’t seen a K yet out there).