Weddell Seals: Let's follow Dr. Michelle LaRue's expedition to Antarctica


Let’s follow dr. LaRue’s trip to Antarctica via her Twitter feed. She has reached Punta Arenas in Chile, and is waiting for better weather, to be able to fly down to King George Island.

Then I stopped at the grocery store (#AccioAntarctica)

— Michelle LaRue (@drmichellelarue) January 8, 2018


Well I never knew…

…truth be told, I’d never really thought about it. It’s fascinating what and how much I’ve learned over the years just being a nodder :smiley:

'…Here’s the new geographic South Pole marker for 2018 unveiled New Year’s Day, made by Martin Wolf @uw_icecube. Ice sheet moves approx 10m per yr over bedrock 2.7km below; a new marker made by a winter-over is placed each 1 Jan on a newly corrected position


In terms of Antarctica trips, a boomerang means that a group finally takes off to get to Antarctica, but because of bad weather the transport simply turns around and takes the group back to the starting point. (Then, they try again when weather forecasts clear.)

Dr LaRue stated the highest number of boomerangs in past trips is 12.

I was wondering if each of us would like to make some pure guesses about if this trip will have any boomerangs and how many times. You can look at wind websites and weather websites to help you… or, just guess.

I’m going to be very optimistic and guess 1 or 2 boomerangs. Next person?


I’m going to be really optimistic and say NONE
Here’s one forecast for King George Island where she’s heading and there’s some live webcam links in there :wink:!explore/antarctica-an


Anyone “seen” Dr Michelle on her trip? is she still in limbo?




It isn’t including the pics… :frowning:


Yeah, I have no idea what’s happening; there haven’t been any tweets since Jan 11.


looks like she retweeted this on the 13th
"World’s biggest wildlife reserve planned for Antarctica in global campaign"


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I know Michelle was heading for King George Island from Chile, but is she actually going on to McMurdo station :thinking:


Yeah, I know. Last I checked, she’s not tweeted about the next leg.

I split out McMurdo because my questions about the cross took this thread into info about the loss of explorers there in the 1900s. :frowning: Interesting to me, but I thought the answers to my questions were not exactly upbeat for rooting on Dr Michelle’s journey. :frowning: :frowning:


@Mel_Nod do you think @Michelle4 knows that Nodders are hanging on her every non-tweet? Eager to hear she’s on her way.

“Have you seen her… tell us have you seen her?”


I bet she would be delighted to know we’re keeping tabs on her. Hard to believe from the comfort of my desk here in CO that Michelle is in Antarctica!!


She speaks!! (Jan 17th)

Someone who has twitter, please send her this message:::

Nodders listening! Eager to know daily details. Have you gotten to station yet?


I tried to contact her - my first tweet ever :man_cartwheeling: - but I’m not sure it worked.


Think I should give it a go? :thinking: She’ll think we’re nagging :smile:

Done! Like Shaul, it’s my first and I haven’t got a clue confused_icon all’s I know is that I can see it on my home page :laughing:


I love that you folks are tweeting back!!! What fun.


We’re allowed to “nag” a bit, methinks. We wouldn’t want one of her Weddells to plot how to keep her down there with them!

Thanks Em and Shaul for Tweeting her. Hope she tweets back. :smiley: We’ll see.

Back to Weddelling. I still haven’t gotten to my goal. :frowning: You?


I was hoping (heck I was so sure) that I’d reach double figures by the weekend but no, I only got to 7.05k :unamused:

Not spotted anything yet, but then Michelle is probably busy with work, travel or struggling with connections down there. Whatever the reason, I look forward to reading of her experiences when she has the time and connections :wink:


Sadly, according to Dr Michelle’s twitter feed yesterday, they didn’t make it to their Antarctic destination, the weather didn’t give them chance.

She’s still in Chile, hoping for a last-minute ride on another trip…

She did get to see some penguins though