Weddell Seals: Let's follow Dr. Michelle LaRue's expedition to Antarctica


Awww that’s really too bad!! Here’s hoping Michelle sneaks on as a stowaway somehow.


I have my fingers crossed for her for the “long shot” trip! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:




:cry:…I can wait…CatSwing :smirk_cat:


.@drmichellelarue is back from her travels researching #penguins in the Falkland Islands and has shared some photos! From L-R: King, Magellanic, and Rockhopper penguins
7h ago
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Beep de-deep beep beep da-beep
Calling Dr Michelle @Michelle4
Beep de-deep beep beep da-beep
Please come in…

Nodders heard about the Travels of Your Dirty Socks–
( )
And—worried about where are your feet that go into them!?!
Curious! Please respond! :email: :customs: :seat: :racehorse: :rocket:


Hey, Michelle started posting pics 6 hours ago. Go more than half-way down the page
( ) to get to the first pics.


Hmmm… It looks like she’s back based on this tweet…
“Michelle LaRue
11 hours ago
While my walk to the bus just now was “interesting”, I do believe I overestimated my abilities to navigate the streets of Minneapolis without any corrective lenses whatsoever.”


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