Weddell Seals - loading black (already getting fixed)


OK, something has gone whacko! First , the site would not enter a tag, such as press no seal and nothing happens. Several presses-Nada. Now when I logged back in, no map-plain black screen. Help!\

Weddell Seals Campaign - Error loading message - NaN of 1

Think I’m having the same problem Beverly, first black screen, then no response pressing No Seal. I hit the refresh button and now I’ve got a black screen again. Wonder if TN is something…maybe switching over to the next stage of the campaign perhaps :smiley: We live in hope :blush:


Still black screen so that’s definitely my cue to get back to the painting :wink:


Could be the hurricane messing with the sat imagining. Looks like I go back to scrubbing the porch down before painting.


Oh you up to your eyes in paint too :sweat_smile:


Last night I was having a problem as well. The first few photos would load normally (fast), and suddenly, when I clicked on “No Seals,” the bar remained highlighted in pink and sat there… and sat there… and sat there. I could still move the map around, zoom in and/or out, but that was it. Clicking on anything - even using the number pad - did nothing. I had to use the “back” button on my browser, and then “forward.” But when I did “forward,” I was presented with a new photo. Eventually I gave up and went to bed an hour early. This morning I even shut my laptop off and restarted it, thinking maybe… just maybe… going a couple of weeks without a restart may have slowed everything down.
Until this moment, the girls (all three) have my wife and I so busy I haven’t got to nodding yet. Whether everything works okay or not, I’ll post the results here.


Hello tomnodders! Thanks for letting us know that tomnod is down. We’re looking into the issue now and will keep you posted.

The issue is definitely on the tomnod server side and not anything going on with your individual computers - please stay tuned!


Hey Mel, have you taken over from HappyMapper? :smiley:


Mel, Thanks for responding so quickly to this issue. - Bob


All, we should be back up and running! Please give it a try when you have a chance and let me know of any other issues.

@EmeraldEyes Yes, I’m taking over many of DigitalGlobe’s crowdsourcing campaigns from Happy Mapper. I’ve been doing a soft-entry into the forum as you’ve noticed! :blush:


Caitlyn get promoted? Or just other duties?


Working fine here now. Thanks Mel.


@AKE235 Caitlyn is focusing her talents on some projects she’s been spearheading in the non-crowdsourcing realm, especially working with customers of Digital Globe’s GBDX platform to make sure they have what they need.

I’m excited to be taking over the Tomnod campaigns and working with you folks on these good projects!


Just be careful, Mel. Some of our nonsense may rub off onto you.


(Just splitting the other thread.)


Aw, welcome onboard Mel and good luck :grinning: We promise to be gentle…honest :blush:


All seems to be working fine for me now, thanks Mel :slight_smile:


Oh,yeah. Had new siding and windows put on house last fall and am now getting around to the wooden front storm door. It s an antique leaded beveled glass with twelve panes, It would cost a zillion dollars to replace, so I spent a month carefully scraping it of 80 years of paint, varnish, etc. . Now let it dry and new paint. Sheesh, tired just thinking about it.


Sounds gorgeous…but wouldn’t want to wash those little panes of glass anymore. My sister asked me to help her a few months ago when I was visiting…and she has a lot of tiny panes…they’re a real pain in the but to clean :persevere: Think I’m getting old :tired_face:


Sounds like a beautiful door! My wife and I spent around US$975 on a new front door for our home 12 years ago. No leaded glass, but it is beveled and each is like a prism. Quite a few narrow but long panes… arched at the top of the door. Wood is beautiful and I don’t mind caring for it each year. Okay… nobody touch it! Mine! :crazy_face: :rofl: