Weddell Seals - Part 3 - 4 - New (last?!) Search Area Campaign!


…and then I find one . . . just one . . . I think . . . maybe confused6 :laughing:


But I click “Seals” anyway…just to make sure the button is still working…and not rusted up or anything :wink: :rofl:


…and I found some more :smiley:

Maybe that’s the trick…come in here and check out seal link…just to remind the polys what they’re looking for :rofl:


Oh thank goodness…I found some more seals…

…for a few days there I thought they’d all wriggled off on their hols to Yucatan with Mel :sweat_smile:




Hi Michelle, just hoping you can clear up a conundrum for me…unless of course you’ve stowed away in Mel’s luggage and on your way to the Yucatán Peninsula :rofl:
Do I get all excited 'cos I’m seeing lots’n’lots of seals speckled all over the place across the top of this map or did I just get out of bed this morning with my stupid head on…or maybe someone slipped a pair of spotty contact lenses on me in my sleep :rofl:
:confused: It can’t all be shadow surely :thinking:


That is an interesting polygon – I’m looking at #212818 now, and that one is very similar. After checking both of the polygons, I’m still not convinced that the seal-like blobs really are Weddell seals; it may be a 50-50 chance, but for me it still isn’t a 50% chance of being seals.


I agree it is hard to tell whether they are seals. Maybe @Michelle4 will give us some direction from @EmeraldEyes request. There are many of these types of tiles in this final search.


Hey thanks for the question! Those are all shadows of what I’d call “jumbly” ice (very technical term here). You will see Weddell seals typically by cracks in the ice, near icebergs, or near headlands - places where they can get out of the water. Does that help??


Well, kind of :confused: But couldn’t the be thin enough to form holes in? Ok, I know now that the seals can use their teeth to grind round the edges of existing holes in ice but can’t they open up existing holes which have thinly iced over the top?

And I know you say “you will see Weddell seals typically by cracks in the ice, near icebergs, or near headlands - places where they can get out of the water” but don’t Weddell seals ever come out of water onto floating ice or anywhere else like those we often see in images and youtube clips on the net?


Hmmm, typically we see seals near very obvious cracks. What I see in the picture you sent along is a bunch of rough ice so I doubt the features you circled are seals.

Oh also, yes I do wish that I’d stowed myself away in Melissa’s luggage to a nice warm destination. It’s only 4 degrees Fahrenheit here in MN!


Ooh! Yes, can do (sorry I didn’t see this until just now).

My attempt to get to Antarctica this year was focused on the Peninsula and the Weddell Sea. Typically getting to his location occurs almost exclusively by ship, crossing the Drake Passage for a few days and then BOOM! You’re in Antarctica.

This particular voyage was supposed to have started by flying to King George Island, which is at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula - effectively cutting out the potentially brutal Drake Passage crossing. For folks who get sea sick, this is certainly a draw. However, flying to Antarctica is dangerous, as landing conditions have to be perfect - wind, snow, fog can all make landing perilous. Safety always comes first.

Well, this particular attempt was ill-fated as the weather at King George Island never cleared long enough to get an entire plane-full of people safely to Antarctica. We waited in Punta Arenas for 3 days before pulling the plug and instead sailing directly to the Falkland Islands (which is where this particular voyage would have ended anyway). So, I still got to sail, just no penguin counting, no seal counting in Antarctica!


Need to take up knitting. :wink:


If I can pipe in…

I might be wrong, I could be wrong… but just in case I’m right~~~

I see those images as if grass poking above snow. Instead of grass, it’s black rock (IMO) where snow has melted or fallen down or blown away. What looks like “holes” (IMO) is uncovered spotty rock. You know, jagged. The area is choppy all over, with dozens to hundreds of “rock dots”. But like I said…

I might be wrong, I could be wrong… but just in case I’m right~~~

@Michelle4 ?


She can always knit seals and penguins into her sweaters! :grin:


So basically concentrate on the cracks in the ice, near icebergs, or near headlands and ignore the black dots on wide open stretches of frozen ice like these…they’re not seals who’ve bashed holes through thin ice in their haste to get to Antarctica’s equivalent of the Glastonbury Festival here the UK…which is having it’s ‘fallow year’ off :wink:

…unless there’s a crack in it with seals scattered along side :wink:


It is articles like this, along with youtube clips I’ve seen in the past, that have me questioning the likes of those dots in the above image. Because if the ice is thin enough, they can make holes and haul themselves out…

And then of course you’ve got the holes created by researchers which they take advantage of:-
‘…After about an hour of taking samples we were having a break and standing around chatting when Glen looked over my shoulder with a surprised look… a Weddell Seal had just popped its head up, seen us and shot back down. A few minutes later it reappeared busting out of one of the covered holes fifty metres away! It was a big female and Glen thought, judging by her plumpness, that she was probably pregnant. The seal made a show of rolling around in the snow and doing a few poses for us before a couple of big yawns and slumping into what looks like a blissful nap. I was reminded of a happily overweight person lazing at the beach after a few too many Coronas. She looked as though she was in heaven, and as we get back to our work we could still hear her heavy breaths.…’


off-topic totally but—

Do Control+A to highlight @EmeraldEyes 's last post. Pic on the left (in highlight focus) shows that Em really likes seals! :smiley: lips


@Michelle4 Sorry to be a pest :grin: but I don’t suppose you have an example of what the seals look like in these cyan coloured maps? So far I’ve struggled to identify any seals in these also :confused:


Can we see for ourselves how many total tiles we have done so far on this campaign? Or does Mel_Nod need to check for us? I thought? (sorry couldn’t find it quick)… …her last statement said was we had done 76K…just wondering where we are at on the 226,315 in this campaign. Thanks!


No, I don’t know of any way for us to find that number; you need to be able to look into the internal database.


Thanks @Shaul! Maybe when Mel_Nod returns she can let us know.