Weddell Seals - Part 3 - 4 - New (last?!) Search Area Campaign!


Wouldn’t it be a big surprise if when she gets back she finds the campaign has been completed? And everyone is sitting around twittering their thumbs - and with this look on their faces: :roll_eyes: ?


Only two days !!! :open_mouth:


Well, if we have a 10x coverage goal in this campaign, too, almost 2.25 million registrations will be needed. If Mel said that we had registered 76k of them, we still have far to go.

OK, maybe we won’t reach a 10x coverage, but we still have quite a bit to go.


Very true @Shaul! I am guessing we may be 1/3 to 1/2 done.


Current vote stats!

We have a total of 157,896 votes on this campaign. Of this, some percentage are duplicate coverage votes on certain features.

So one useful way to gauge our progress is that there are still 98,944 polygons without any votes. Out of 226,315 this is around 43% completion.

I don’t think we’ll go full 10x coverage on this campaign, because it likely won’t be necessary. These polygon-voting campaigns tend to have pretty high data quality, more than the tagging campaigns, and don’t need quite so high a consensus. We have been seeing very good results at around 3x consensus (with some low-confidence features having more, sometimes many more votes).

I think another reason we won’t need 10x is that this crew, and our crew in general, provide us with EXCELLENT data quality! THANK YOU!


I found a couple of stealthy seals trying to slip away out of the poly in the wake of an iceberg down in the bottom right corner…didn’t think we’d notice :rofl:



@Mel_Nod, do you have any numbers to show how far we’ve gone in this campaign?


Why yes I do, @Shaul! As of this writing, there are 19,633 polygons without votes. Here’s the full breakdown of number of features with a certain number of votes:


I think we’ve discussed this before, that our QC algorithm helps Tomnod decide which polygons need more views and votes. My hope is that perhaps next week we can wind this campaign up and move on to the Big Count.


Tiles are moving very quickly, I wonder if we are near the end of this part of the campaign?


Sounds like you’re getting impatient to see the end. :laughing:



…'course we’re not Waiting%20(3)




I’m seeing a lot of these type of questionable ones this morning; where there’s only one possible seal beside cracks/pools in the ice or some just tucked up round the edges of polys that may not have been spotted by many people :slight_smile:



likewise. I am using the size test under magnification and the "is it a possible rock?"query to help me. After having gone snow blind during this campaign, I need a lot of help!:rofl:


Maybe its the need to see the end of snow and ice at home, and on the screen also? :rofl::smiley:


There were several tiles in a row that had the ice and crack and were located in the bottom right of the poly and you had to look very closely to find that seal, but along the crack there was at least one :smiley: Others had the noticeable crack and dots of seals…then snow and ice again with no seals!!!


@Mel_Nod, I’m seeing a lot more seals in the polygons today; are we in a re-check phase, like in the previous campaign or is it happening just by chance?


You all are correct! We are in the re-check phase. Every polygon has been voted on at least once, so now they are being prioritized by how “sure” we are of the vote.

So you should expect to see more seal and seal-ish things this week.

I’m thinking we will be finished with this campaign by Wednesday :fire:


I know what you mean, I get to that point a lot these days:laughing:
Sometimes I’m loath to even magnify because because it just casts further doubt. I see a black dot and click ‘Not a seal’ thinking it is just a rock/snowball shadow…but then again :thinking: So I double back to take a second look…big mistake…'cos then I wonder, well, maybe it is a seal. So I magnify, and it might even relate in size to the gauge below, but… . So in the end I just go with my original instinct…but then again sometimes I don’t :sweat_smile:


Oh wow I went to the eye doctor and had those dilating drops put it…seals or no seals…I’m blinded by the light…I think I need to “nod off” for a few hours!!! :rofl:


“Oh wow I went to the eye doctor and had those dilating drops put it…seals or no seals…”
Ah… Terri? Those are NOT seals, those are mountain tops! You better give your eyes some rest! :laughing: