Weddell Seals - Voting on Low Confidence Tiles


20 days later I finally hit my new target image :grin:

Anything above that between now and the big switch to tagging will be a bonus :smile:
Although, I’m already wondering if I can reach 30K before then :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Dr Michelle, you up to do another 2,500?

Go for it!

(…and I need 20 characters to be able to post…)


Quicker to just put a smiley on the end :grin:


You should be able to hit that mark - no problem! :rofl::roll_eyes::wink:


Wellll, it’s only another 10K…a week maybe :thinking:
Providing a certain someone hasn’t switch it to tagging by next Monday…hint, hint @Mel_Nod :wink: :grin:


@EmeraldEyes if you do 10k you will have almost finished the campaign! As of this writing there are only about 13k polys that we are waiting for votes on (plus a little cleanup on some of the polys that have mixed messages on whether there are seals or not).

We have ONE more search reduction area after this before we get to tag the seals we found. We have just a couple straggling areas of interest that didn’t fit in to previous areas. Michelle and I are working right now to narrow down this last campaign as much as possible - we know how much work you all have put in and how nice it would be to switch it up. Thanks all!


Right then, I’m on it, might as well finish it now that I’ve got this far…must dash running%20away



Oh, alright then SadFedUp :sweat_smile:


…better put the kettle on walking%20penguin


I don’t suppose you’ve got a couple of examples of those Mel; I’m just curious to see if they’re anything like my own uncertainties; some days I can really be in two minds as to whether I’m seeing seals, there exit pools or shadows :roll_eyes: And especially the speckled ones like this…

( One day I’ll might wonder "are those seals I see among those dots? Another day I’ll think they’re probably just penguins and then again I’ll be sure they’re just shadows…I hate those dotty ones :unamused:


Great question @EmeraldEyes, I will see if I can pull some screenshots.

In general though, we love that you err on the side of identifying seals than not. It’s much easier for Michelle to review a smaller subset of the “seals” polys and remove the rocks and shadows then to find the overlooked seals in the HUGE pile of non-seal polygons!

So the one above, for example, is fine to be marked as seals! I’m no expert so can’t hazard for sure.


I hit my goal a few days ago, and now I am aiming for 95…I might get there before we are through the campaign! Time will tell!!! :smiley:


Hi @EmeraldEyes and anyone else - in answer to your question, here are a couple of screenshots of polygons with low confidence. These have confidence scores of about 50%, meaning our QC program really can’t decide if there are seals or not based on the votes it has so far. We will probably show polys like this one more time to get more consensus. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you for sure whether there are or aren’t seals here. @Michelle4 would have a better sense! So, what you’re doing is great - identifying seals if you think there might be, or even aren’t sure. We can let QC and Michelle clean up the rest :grin:

Our QC program is leaning towards no seals on the below but seems like there might be one or two at the top of the poly :thinking: However both QC and I are very unsure (

Our QC program is leaning towards no seals on the below

Below is another one leaning towards No Seals but very unsure

In the grand scheme of things there aren’t too many polys with low confidence scores, maybe 0.5% of the dataset or even less? So it won’t be much extra work - all in a days work for folks like you all!


Yikes, you’ve overtaken me, Em! :clap::clap: There again, I did take a week out… :upside_down_face:… got some catching up to do, I think!


wow4 You and @Shaul are amazing, way beyond my ability that’s for sure. I’ll be ecstatic if I reach 30K :grin:


I get the computer up and running in the morning and just keep popping in to do what I can when I can…whenever life isn’t so frantic…for however long that lasts :smile:


Ooh, thanks for that Mel :smiley:

In my unqualified opinion I would say there are definitely 2 seals in that first image plus 2 possibles and 1 not sure but I think it might be a shadow but I’d leave leave that in for the experts to decide :wink:

Red 1,2 = positives
Blue A, B - possibles
Blue C = possibly but could just be a shadow

In that second image I would say “they are somethings” so would vote seals to leave it in for the experts to decide.

And as for that third image, and after looking above and below it on the map, it would definitely get Seals vote. And there’s quite a few house parties going on in that map along the crack in both directions :laughing:

So all three have got my Seal of approval vote :laughing::upside_down_face:


I admit a case of bronchitis kept me home and needing distraction…seals were a great way to pass the time, the unusual sleep hours and c-o-u-g-h-i-n-g!!!..Better now! :mask::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m with you, Em - I voted yes on all three pictures.


Yes I agree @Shaul and @EmeraldEyes - I would vote YES too!