Weddell Seals - Voting on Low Confidence Tiles


I think my problem is that work “gets in the way of Nodding”! :thinking::upside_down_face::innocent:


Oh all right then, here’s a few seals for you…I’ll top you up with a few more later…if I can find any more…I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here :sweat_smile:

Found another one :smiley:

…and another :grin:

errr…and another :blush:

ooh…and another…trust me, they’re there :smile:

and there’s more…

and more…confused8

They’re coming in such quick succession I’m wondering if they are not some the “low confidence polygons” Mel was referring to :thinking:

And yet more…so get nodding folks we must on the final leg here…surely :smiley: Lots of seals needing their confidences raised here :laughing: I’d make more of joke about that but I’d wasting valuable nodding time :wink:

…And for our next campaign…tagging nits on a nat’s nut :rofl:

And the girls are gathering for a Friday night out on the town…errr, bergs :laughing:


oh goad, did I really just say that out loud…again :confounded:

Not much of a motivational quote really, is it :rofl:


@Michelle4 . . . not seals surely :thinking: Maybe they were a couple of Cross-country skiers in training for the 2018 Winter Olympics I don’t know :confused:

But I’m certainly finding an awful lot of seals today :grin:

Seals are not this agile are they, to wriggle’n’slither their way up there…


I’m seeing a lot of seals today, too. In the last approx. 850 polygons I’ve found 123(!) with seals, compared to normally around four.

I have a theory - we have all been upset that so many seals have camped out just outside the pink polygon; I think that @Michelle4 now have told them to move inside the pink line, as this is their last chance to be counted. That is why we’ve seen a virtual mass movement into the polygons today.

No, seriously, I agree with @EmeraldEyes that we’re probably on the last leg of this campaign, and we’re asked to check polygons that have a lower confidence rating.


I agree, I think they may be the “Low confidence polygons”. There were few and far between without seals! I hit my next target, but feel like at any time it will say “we have completed the campaign”!! :smiley:


Yes, and I recognise some of them, including our own “super colony” of penguines :laughing: Though I can’t remember what I voted first time round :smirk:

Hey, well done reaching your target :smiley: Unfortunately I’m still way off my latest of 30K; I’m just about to turn 22K (21.9K) and like you say '…feel like at any time it will say “we have completed the campaign”!! :smiley:

Right, I’ve another 20mins before I’ve got to go so better get a few more done; then I’ll be back for the midnight shift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Last night I was nodding along - no seals - when suddenly I started getting 3 or 4 in a row with seals. After a few “no seals” I was graced with another few in a row of seals. But by this time it was bed for me.


Oh my gosh you are ridiculous! In a wonderful way, of course :slight_smile:


Yes thanks to everyone and THANK YOU Melissa! We are so close!


I should never worry about trying to catch up with anyone @Michelle4, we all have our individual limits and @Shaul and @T_Boechler are in a league of their own…you’ll never catch them up :sweat_smile:

But that’s ok, we’ve got the easy bit of the campaign really; you’ve got the unenviable task of making sense of all our votes :rofl:


Just fortunate to have lots of time right now to look for seals! :smile:


I noticed a massive uptick in numbers as well. Hadn’t seen any for weeks, it seemed, then presto-bunches. And whatever you’re drinking, I want some. I need refreshment after this snowy, cold, sickly winter. I sure hope Cagey has some catnip tea on brew, cause I need some.


:laughing: Just re-read my post up there and I’m wondering what I was on . . . whatever it was, it was lively :rofl:
Even missed the odd word out in my excitement of seeing so many seals :blush:




@EmeraldEyes :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

@Shaul YES we should be seeing more seals and seal-like things now. We’ve finally completed the first pass of this dataset and are now working on the low confidence polygons we’ve been discussing, which tend to have seals or seal-likes. Getting very close on this, thank you all!


How come we see polygons like this one, if we are checking polygons with “seals or seal-likes”? This one is totally outside the satellite picture.


I agree @Shaul Here is another.


They are probably the 13k polys Mel mentioned further up there that are waiting votes, probably mixed in with the cleanup :thinking:

Plus, they will also be the odd one like that people may have accidentally given a positive voting.


So we aren’t technically voting on seals and seal-like things; we’re really voting on polygons that have low confidence scores (conflicting votes). In this campaign, that tends to be images with seals or seal-likes, because that’s where people start to wrestle with the Yes/NO question. The all-white ones, for example, are easier to deal with.

So I can’t say for sure @Shaul, but I believe some folks are confused about how they should vote on those black polygons (and who can blame them. It’s sort of annoying that they exist). So, we get a mixed bag of results and end up with low confidence scores and are getting mixed in to our group here.