Weddell Seals - Voting on Low Confidence Tiles


I really don’t know how to vote on this polygon; the blobs looks to be too big. What do you think?


I know what you mean, I wasn’t so sure my self so voted them in; but they don’t compare well to the examples on the campaign or the ones I found further down the map :thinking:


Hmm how far are you zoomed in @Shaul? I would err on the side of voting them in so Michelle can give them the old expert review.


I saw this one too, I agree, hard to decide. I marked it Seals and therefore left it up to Dr. Michelle to decide.


You may see the size comparison in the lower right corner - I think that I was on “+1” zoom.

And eventually I did vote for seals there, but they still look big.


That image looks like he’s zoomed in at +2

This is what they look like at 0 (zero) image


Huh. That is a tough one. I agree with they Yes votes but they sure are big and dark!


Yeh, we’ll just leave that one to @Michelle4 to figure out that conundrum :wink:


I’m 24.8K just now and I’m not going to bed until I’ve reached 25K…shouldn’t take long should it :thinking:


Oh wow! That’s really interesting - I don’t think those are seals but on the other hand I don’t know what they are! Could be humans (snow machines or something)… do you know the context here? Was there a research base nearby?


@EmeraldEyes @Shaul @Mel_Nod… Way way far up on this tile I found this: Like you said @Michelle4 could be a smaller research station, and these could be snowmobiles?


That’s a very good find, @T_Boechler! I didn’t see them; was that on #290253?


Yes! Ok, so that original image with the five dark blobs, those are probably Hagglunds, or maybe snow machines. I only say snow machines because there doesn’t seem to be a groomed road in the snow, and that’s what I’d expect to see if they were large, tracked vehicles. Very cool!


Yes but very far up from where the poly was.
I looked around “a little” for a bigger research station but didn’t see one.


@Shaul @EmeraldEyes @Michelle4 @Mel_Nod

Here’s a zoomed out photo…you can see a few trails in the snow around it.


Ohh interesting - great detective work @T_Boechler!!


Yes, very good! This is a perfect example of why I always go back to the idea to zoom out and gain context! Seals aren’t going to be located right next to these kinds of trails :slight_smile:


Whatever they are, they’ve been down checking out the seals :smiley:
You can make out a trail which I’ve marked along side it in red.


one of the other trails from the plane goes left of the buildings, and eventually goes over the rocks to another set of buildings - research station - not sure which one. Maybe the first shot is just their “airport”!!!


I just hope you never ask us to count penguins :pray: :sweat_smile: