Weddell Seals - Voting on Low Confidence Tiles


I’m curious to know how these maps full of holes are going to look when it comes to tagging
image :laughing:


Another research station


IMO. we have a lot of black rocks and shadows, but no seals on these final maps.


I take it you’re just referring to those last few images post up above, because I’m still finding seals
SealSample34 :smiley:


I remember those penguins! They were in the very beginning of this campaign or at the end of the last one. The “claw” shape of their droppings was the clue. If you pan down below the “claw” there should be a larger one also. And the penguin “trail” runs “west” from that point along the ridge for a very long way. That would take a very long time to have to count those. :roll_eyes:


You need a break… a long rest! :laughing:


No, @EmeraldEyes I was only referring to the new tiles I’ve seen this round.


Oh right, didn’t you see that really long run of tiles virtually all containing seals. I posted a load of them on here a few days ago and then Mel, confirmed it. I’m still getting as many positives as negatives I think:thinking: Or am in a campaign all my own 'cos I’m special :dizzy_face: :rofl:


But you ARE special, Em! :wink:

I’ve had some long runs of tiles with no seals, followed by 3 or 4 tiles all with seals in, then another long run of “no seal”, so I don’t think it’s just Cagey that’s not seeing the seals. I’ve seen relatively few of them (other than the links you posted)…


Oh well then, that just confirms . . . I’m special angel_saintly

and one lonesome one here (

Well that didn’t last long . . . I think I’ve lost my specialness SadInnocentHalo the polys are dried up . . . that or the seals are all partied out and gone into hiding to recoup :laughing:


My pet hate . . . when you spot a seal inside a poly just as I click the ‘No Seal’ button and the next poly comes up. In that poly are loads of seals but in my haste to click the back button to recertify the error, I lose lose a good’n and you never see it again :disappointed:

. . . well . . . not that I can remember what it looked like :smile:


S’more seal (…( :grin:

…aaand gone again angeldevil

Right, that’s enough, bed is calling me and I can’t keep my eyes open :sleeping:


Nah, you must have got some of the polys that I was supposed to look at! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
You certainly seem to have found quite a few of the seal parties, I’ve just been looking at miles and miles of snow (and some of that was out of my window earlier today!:scream::snowflake:)…


Good grief, I actually found some seals without clicking on one of Em’s links!


I found out why we got lots of low confidence tiles— we got pranksters in Antarctica. OMG. I think he tried to scare off the Weddells. Or he attempted to get them drunk. You can see here one of his friends! (Note: They photoshopped in the background, to throw off the Antarctica cops and make it look like a residential scene. )

Oh, and I think they stole @Michelle4 's knee high boots!




Hello everybody!
Thanks for continuing your work on this campaign. My plan is to have the new – LAST – seals search area reduction campaign up tomorrow! So stay tuned. THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you!


Oh you rascal, I thought this was the “last”! :open_mouth:
So now you’re slipping in a new “LAST” . . . hoping we wouldn’t notice hmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Sneaky Mel :rofl:


Ooh, seals have got a party going on here :smiley:

Hey, no brackets up there…how’d I do that :hushed:


Did you use the “Add Hyperlink” icon in the tool bar?