Weddell Seals: Western Antarctic Peninsula... - Is it TruColor



If I understood correctly, you said it was hard to get color-corrections done right for Antarctica. If so, how do you know what colors belong where?

Are the beautiful blues true?

is this brownish murky junk a shoreline?

Are the rich brown rocks really that color of brown?

How do you know there is a blacker “eye” in this “bird” shape?

Zoom Out— What is this beautiful formation? … Did you make it so pretty or is it el naturale? (zoom out & down)

What makes stain-glass formations?

I’m hiding under the snow, left of the poly… See me?

Look forward to learning from you if Antarctica is purple and neon green in some places… LOL


What a beautiful rainbow you’ve put together @cageycat!

We could get philosophical here if we wanted. What are true colors, anyway? All this depends on who is looking and how their eyes work, too!

Your guess is as good as mine for what Antarctica might really look like or what make its formations and geology – but I’m guessing the very wild kaleidoscopes might look different if we were there in person. :wink:


But…but…but… I thought you said you’all at Tn have to colorize and tune up the tints on the strips from Antarctica after you seam them together. Did I misunderstand?

:cat: innocent look


I wish we had time to go in and do it manually, Bob Ross style! We use automated ways that help the processors recognize “unusual features” adjust accordingly - like how white things are in Antarctica vs lower latitudes.