Weddell Seals - What are these yellow spots


Left of the marked area is are yellow spots along in the crack of ice. Any ideas what this could be?


My first thought was scientists’ tents/shelters, but when compared to the scale, they are too large. Looking a little higher and slightly to the left on the photo, I found this one - yellow, but with pinks and blues. So, my guess is that there is something that is refracting the light - like a prism - giving off these colors. Most likely it is bacterium and/or algae. As you can see by this screen shot (zoomed to +2), this spot is nearly 200 feet across and over 250 feet high. (High: not in the sense of altitude, but just from top to bottom.)


George Jetson! He’s looking out his penthouse space window at wife, Jane, in the family spaceship ‘car’. Notice the anomaly between them–Jane already backed up too fast, leaving waves in her wake.

Cough… er… sorry… I have no idea what it is. But sure looks like the Jetsons to me.


It’s that squirrel again Jim, looking for his frozen nuts :rofl:


I am thinking that @Jim7 is correct about something reflecting/refracting, maybe even ice, or wind blowing ice crystals? We also have many issues processing imagery in Antarctica - it is difficult so far south on the globe, and in a place so lacking in color contrast, to translate well the image bands from the satellites into good visible imagery. So sometimes there will just be strange (and beautiful!) things!

But keep an eye out for penguin poop!


What about penguin poop? We don’t have any way to tag those, do we?


Penguins aren’t the target here. Mel was just making a joke. :slight_smile:

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But it is something you might see while you’re exploring the coast of Antarctica! Big, brown patches of snow…!


And if you see what looks like grass or reeds sticking up (and having a shadow), those be the :penguin:!


Oooh have you seen them, @Jim7??


Not in a while, but I have seen plenty of them in the last batch of maps. I saved and posted some screen shots of them to the forum. To one of the first ones I posted, I added a comment about how they reminded me of the edge of a plowed field as the snow was melting. The penguins looked like the tips of reeds or grasses poking through and casting short shadows. The brown reminded me of either soil or manure that had been spread on the field before the snows. It was just a memory I had when I used to go deer hunting years ago. :slightly_smiling_face:


Like Jim, we have seen them in the past campaigns but I didn’t save any of those images :frowning:
But…here’s a satellite image as an example of what we’ve come across in the past, and the link to a penguin research article in British Antarctica I came across on the internet from which this image came :wink:


Lots of penguins here…


Nice! Thanks for posting this @EmeraldEyes


Another beautifull colored Penguin colony, I assume, and Seals.