Well that's a first - I've reached my maximum number of likes for the day :D


Just click on the like button and got the message "you have reached the maximum number of likes for today, you’ll have to wait 7hrs… First time I’ve ever come across that :open_mouth:


Haha yes… the more you move up in Discourse trust levels, the more privileges you get (such as more “likes” to give away in a day).


Aye :frowning: have I dropped a level or something? I’m sure I’ve done lot more likes in a day than I have today.
Ah, no matter, it’s not that big an issue :smiley:


You definitely haven’t dropped a level… perhaps Discourse adjusted the overall likes down? Hmmm, not sure. Will have to look into it.


Aww and @EmeraldEyes is one of our best likes-giver.

I’ll try to remember today to give some likes for ya, Em.


Aw shucks @cageycat you’ll just have to wait another 7hrs before you get that like :smiley: