What was wrong today with the servers?


Ahh, so I wasn’t the only one!!! :open_mouth: I was having all of the above problems on Wednesday and couldn’t even get in here to ask. So, I asked the TomNod Search Group on FB but no one else seemed to be having probs at that point in time. I’d tried all the usual checks-dumped history/cache whatever, virus scan, incognito, etc; decided Tomnod were redecorating again and went to bed! : :angry:

So now I’m goin in…wish me luck :smile:


@tomnodryan @HappyMapper

Sorry, but I still have problems with the API.

Stuck Wait? – It finally switched over.

Did about 40 then started getting no polys.

No poly (Marked Needs Editing just to get beyond)

no poly (Marked Needs Editing just to get beyond)

no poly

“Nodder Addicts United” ask, Any chance we can have the old API back? This API needs a poly-fix, but so do we -hehe.

Nothing except Swaz is open… drat. You do realize this sends me back to do nested lists… grrr.

Nodders, ever do a late night run past the best pizza joint ever, only to find it’s out of pizza? :frowning: Only good thing, here we get a rain check (as long as it isn’t raining where Tomnod is imaging!).

Night all. Nests of links await my attention (shoot me, pla-leeze!).


Everything seems to be ok for me now.

Although, when I looked at my past campaigns in my profile, it would appear that the total for “objects tagged” and “Consensus Score” on some of my campaigns have been zero’d. But if I go into those campaigns I can see my totals so that’s ok with me. Checking the “past campaigns” list is usually another good indicator for me that Tomnod has been rearranging their furniture again :smiley:

The “Australia: Map Solar Panels” campaign is listed as zero objects tagged but when I go into the campaign I’ve go 1080 tags.


@cageycat, could you send me the email address for the account you use? I’m having no issues with all of your links, so I’d like to investigate more.


Sorry, I was away. My Forum name at gmail.com