When laundry cries


Water has such amazing properties, doesn’t it? It can dilute and spread things so well. I decided to surprise my wife by doing the laundry while she was up in the village getting her hair cut. Before moving them to the dryer I had made a cup of coffee and decided to move the whites from the washer to the dryer and start a load of darks before going outside to sit with my coffee. Last night before we left our son’s house, I quickly grabbed two long sleeved flannel shirts I had left there and tossed them into the laundry basket. As I started to load the darks into washing machine, I thought about checking the pockets of everything first, but decided to pass on that as I truly wanted that cup of coffee. :neutral_face: I started that load, retrieved my coffee and headed outside to enjoy the 86F/30C weather (no humidity). Just before my wife returned, I went downstairs, removed the whites from the dryer and began to switch the darks from the washer to the dryer. Then I noticed something terrible! In one of my flannel shirt pockets I apparently had a half-dozen tissues folded up. I use them for the little one’s nose when she’s teething. There was all these tiny pieces of white flecks covering every piece of clothing! :hushed: I started taking things out one at a time and shook them, making it “snow” all over the basement floor - tongue and groove pine boards as it was an old cold kitchen 100+ years ago! Of course my wife just had to return before I finished shaking each of clothing, turning each one inside out and shaking them a second time. The water had moved these little white flecks through the inside of every pant leg and shirt sleeve. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Then I had to vacuum the floor as I was tracking this white stuff all over. Before I could do another load of laundry (the colors), I had to vacuum out the washing machine! Oh come on! By the time I was done and went back upstairs my coffee was very cold! I guess I spent close to an hour cleaning up this mess - all because I wanted that coffee so bad and because water does wondrous things with tissues! :roll_eyes: :laughing: At least my wife folded the whites for me… think she felt bad. Nah! :laughing:

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I’m my own worst enemy for doing that Jim :laughing: I always have tissues in pockets and whenever I forget to check pockets…they’re usually my own :rofl:


Oh I just couldn’t resist splitting this one. Jim has had too much Antarctica, methinks.

:coffee: anyone?

cat running!


Now where did I post this? I thought I was in “Random Thoughts”! :roll_eyes: I don’t know about too much Antarctica, but definitely too much H. Maria. After a while I feel like I’m going cross-eyed and have to take a short break. :dizzy_face:

Edit: I was right. I had posted this in the “Random Thoughts” topic. I guess if I’m thinking about before I post, it’s not random. :thinking: :wink:


Here’s one more about laundry. We had a clothes dryer for about 13 years. At one time our son’s ex-girlfriend called late at night and told us her boyfriend had locked her in his apartment and had been there for a week. He took her cellphone and hid the landline. He wouldn’t let her go outside of the apartment. I called the police department in the city and our son met the police in front of her apartment. They got in and freed her. She ended up staying with us. Anyway, while staying with us she did her laundry as well as towels, wash clothes, linens, etc… One night as we sat in the kitchen, I heard an alarm going off in the basement. I had no idea what it could be. I rushed down to the basement and realized it was coming from the dryer. Turns out the lint trap was totally plugged! She never cleaned it once the entire time she had been doing the laundry! It wasn’t until that time - 13 years later - that we knew the clothes dryer had a lint trap alarm. Learn something knew every 13 years! :grinning:


Yours has an alarm?? I’m jealous.

You know, buying a washer and dryer is like putting up a down payment for a car!


It did and we didn’t know it - until then! Since then we got a new one, but before we did I had replaced the drum rollers (3) when they started wearing out and making noise as the drum went off balance. The first one I replaced I purchased new (US$17). Then one day someone tossed out a dryer at the landfill saying they were given a brand new one as a gift. I immediately proceeded to take the dryer shell off and removed the rollers - in pristine condition! Eventually I used two of them in our own dryer. That dryer lasted almost 20 years before we started having thermostat problems (which I replaced), and then problems with the switches (rotating and push button). When I told my wife it was time for a new dryer, she gave me the oddest look (as if she was saying “it’s about freaking time!”) :laughing: At least I didn’t go out and pick up one of the old wringer washers that had a set of rollers you’d run the laundry through to squeeze the water out of before putting into the dryer. :rofl:


Now most cars are more than what we paid for our house! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Jim7 Funny when I scanned through this yesterday but before your note here…
I was thinking that today a washer / dryer costs more than my first NEW car… 69 Datsun 510 4 door… right out of the showroom… $2345 Cdn included licence and a full tank of gas… ha … times change… that was back when gas was cheap too… before the big rise in the cost of oil… after that it went crazy…


Reviving an old but always relevant topic… I got a new flannel shirt that seemed to be heading it’s way onto becoming my new favorite shirt. It fit like a glove, was nice and warm and soft. I had worn it a few times, but this one time when my wife washed it, she put it in the dryer with a heavy blanket that had to in the dryer for quite some time. Later on she asked me to get the clothes from the dryer and fold them. After folding the blanket I spotted a shirt. When I held it up, it looked like it would fit a 2-year old boy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: When I showed my wife I asked her whose shirt it was. She looked, laughed and told me it was mine. Then laughed some more! When she finally stopped laughing she told me she probably shouldn’t have put it in with the blanket - it was in there too long. You think? I have a small nephew who now wears a man’s shirt! :laughing:



I did that to a pure new wool sweater of my hubby’s once…he’d only worn it twice :astonished:
My daughter’s doll wore it after that :rofl:


Now that you mentioned “sweater,” I did that to one… maybe two… of my wife’s sweaters. I guess I was supposed to lay them out flat on the dryer… not put them into it. :roll_eyes: One looked like it could have been stretched back to size, but the other was now a little girl’s sweater. :laughing: Maybe this was “payback”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Looks like I did it again - to my wife. She had to run up to our daughter’s house to left the furnace guy in to install a new thermostat and new wiring for it. As she left she asked my to switch the laundry over from the washer to the dryer. I did and even started a load of whites. Thought I did good. I guess when I removed the clothes from the washer I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry. Without noticing, I tossed my wife’s good, heavy wool sweater in the dryer with the rest of the clothes - and set the dryer to “extra dry.” When my wife got home and removed the clothes from the dryer, she came upstairs and held up a “kid’s sweater!” She said, “I guess I should have told you to lay the sweater on the dryer. Looks like Olivia or Eva has a new winter sweater. And this was the warmest and newest one I had.” Oops! :neutral_face: :laughing: I wonder what going to happen to my clothes now. :grimacing: :rofl:


hmmmmm Maybe you need to pull out a credit card and tell her to call the store and have TWO – delivered!

That said, no woman should leave such open-ended laundry directions! LOLOL


I do have to say that she was in a hurry since the serviceman was supposed to call when he was on his way and not after he arrived at our daughter’s house. I suppose I put the blame (for the sweater) on his failing to follow directions. :innocent: :laughing: Nah… I did it and I own up to it. I guess I’ll have to buy her a new sweater… tomorrow is our anniversary. :laughing:


Buy two! Then, promise her you’ll NEVER touch the laundry again! (I’d love to be there when she bops you for that! lol)


If I do buy two, one is going to extra, extra, extra large - just in case! :rofl:


Oh, no, no, no, NO! She’ll think you’re saying she’s … plump.


She’ll know better. She’s almost (but not quite) down to the 104-lb girl I first met… +30-40-lbs. Maybe I should ask her how much she weighs now. On second thought, maybe I ought to wait until this sweater thing blows over! :rofl:


Nooooo! DO NOT ask her that :scream: