When laundry cries


Well, you know what they about getting out of doing a job…do it badly and you’ll never be asked again :laughing:

Though it doesn’t work with me, my hubby still gets asked to do laundry :wink:


There was the time I did a lot of white’s - trying to be nice to my bride. I didn’t realize I had picked up a yellow shirt along with the white tee-shirts and underwear. The entire load came out a beautiful pastel shade of yellow! Redoing the load with bleach did nothing… and neither did the second try at bleaching them back to white. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: And then there was the time my wife (yeah, she did this one) got a new red shirt mixed in with the whites. I had pink underwear and two pink tee-shirts. :roll_eyes: Oh, and pink socks instead of white socks. Wasn’t about to wear them to work on the road crew. :laughing:


My hubby bought himself a ruby shirt of his favourite team. RED and WHITE stripped :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It’s now Pink and Red stripped :laughing: And I can only blame myself for it; I should know better, even though I washed it separate on a cold wash, what I should have done was given it a cold salt wash instead :roll_eyes:


I’m beginning to see that this happens more often than not. It’s just that too many people like to admit to their colourful mistakes! :innocent: :laughing: