When you need to count clothing of naked jogger


Who’s smart enough to do this??



When I wake up. I’m trying to get last night’s sleep in at the moment. Grandkids! :tired_face:
Oh, okay… Each shoe is worth 5, the man is worth 5, each scarf is worth 2, and the answer to the last problem is 12. See you in about “1 scarf” hours. :sleeping:


Napping for the count!!


I got 19.———————————-
14. There is only one shoe in last line.

Edit 2: there is also only one scarf. So what Jim said.:nerd_face:


I got 20… and thought my eyes were blurry…


Am I dumb? methinks 60 ?

Edit-- 40


I missed the multiplication sign! It’s 20.
I am really not observant at the end of the day.
(Where is the naked guy??)

Maybe after a night’s sleep, I’ll come up with something different!


I did also. I told you I was tired. My 2-hour nap turned into 12 hours. I didn’t wake up until just about 7:30 AM this morning. Me thinks my granddaughter tired me out. :smiley:

Oh, and it is 20. :wink:


It’s 60! and a bit of waffle for filler :laughing:


2 shoes = 10
1 jogger = 5
2 scarves = 4

Oops sorry, it’s 40 :blush: And I can’t even blame it on being the end of the day…just a lack of observance :wink:


1 shoe + 1 jogger X 1 tie =
1 shoe = 5; 1 jogger = 5; 1 tie = 2
5 + 5 X 2 = 20

(1st problem)
A pair of shoes (2 shoes) + 2 equal numbers (joggers) = 20
So if 1 jogger = 5 and 1 shoe = 5, then 2 of each of them = 20

(2nd problem)
Subtract 1 jogger from 13 leaves you with 8.
8 / 4 ties = 2 (each tie is = 2)
4 + 4 + 5 = 13

3rd problem)
5 (1 shoe) + 5 (1 jogger) = 10
10 X 2 (1 tie) = 20

The trick that gets played on one’s brain is that one automatically thinks of a pair of of shoes as 1 (pair).
The other snag is the first two problems were addition, whereas the last was an equation of addition and multiplication.
Now for some grandchildren to relieve these withdrawal symptoms. :laughing:


Too many people staring at him… put his transit clothes back on… he is the only jogger there…


You can choose one of two…

No Comment!
I plead the 5th! Which is hard since we don’t have that option up here… but we do have the ‘PRESS’.

Probably just fatigue… we have lots of that as well…


Leave it to Kate to be the only one to ask. :smiley:


Oh for the love of mother I forgot to check the ties :roll_eyes: it’s only 1 darn tie not 2 :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

Thank you Jim for spelling that one out for me; I won’t blame it on being distracted I just never gave it enough time and poor observation skills :dizzy_face:

My son got his sister this birthday card for her…
So yesterday evening, he had the bright idea to set up a treasure hunt for his sister to find her birthday present today…and he’d banished her to her room for most of the evening in order to set this up. He totally out did me for thinking up clues. It was all mathematical and binary code, code deciphering wheels and what not, he’d even wrote a little computer program to run for one of her clues. He’d also covered for wrong answers to send her back a clue to figure it out again. I was impressed…confused…baffled…befuddled…but impressed and completely beyond me, I just didn’t have a clue what was going on but she did. They were talking a different language, heck he even included Latin in his clues :flushed:

There’s no way I’m even gonna attempt to compete with that when it comes to set up the easter egg hunt this year :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:


I love how she circled the X and wrote “here it is”! I’ve seen some photos of tests that some teachers gave their students and a few kids did things like that. One test gave 3 equations and showed the answers. Then it showed the answer to the 4th equation and asked what am I looking for. Of course the answer was the equation that the child was supposed to write, but the child simply wrote, “the equation to this answer.” :laughing: If the teacher was drinking tea or coffee at the time, she probably choked on it (or shot it through her nose)! :laughing:

I took Latin in my freshman year. The Spanish class was filled up. At the time, I didn’t even know they had stories written in Latin. I had to stand up before the class and read, “The King and the Woodpecker.” I’ll be darned if I can even remember what that was about… and don’t say a king and a woodpecker either! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Let your son do it. Just pray that you don’t have to use his map or clues to find any not found eggs. :smiley:


I like your answer… er, my answer.