Where do we find Info on past campaigns?


I’m interested in results from Aug Cocos Island effort. I see posts/discussion about the campaign here, but where do we find info like area searched, items found, boats found, and even any conclusions or results from what was found?


I don’t know that it is broken down into months but you can see the breakdown usually on the present and past campaigns page of www.tomnod.com when you access it. I don’t see the Cocos Island one but I know that Tomnod Mod @AKE235 was working at compiling a chart with that included. Maybe he will pop in and get you pointed in the direction. There is the really nifty pie chart that the Tomnod team made that reflects some of those stats for you. Hope Bob has what you are looking to find.

Pastor Ruth ~ Tomnod Moderator


Morning, @hello (cute username, by the way)

Tomnod usually gives some information about campaigns in their blog. You can visit it here:
Tomnod blog: http://blog.tomnod.com/


Hi there! In many cases the work that we do on Tomnod is only the beginning -many times the data is added to data sourced other places so organizations get the whole picture. Thus, it can be a while sometimes before we get solid feedback on how the data was used and what impacts it had. As @cageycat mentioned, we like to share results when we get them here in the forum as well as on our blog.

In the case of Cocos Island, Costa Rica, the crowd found about 7 boats -all of which were identified as private charter boats (aka. not illegal fishing vessels). We did a great job of monitoring the delicate but thriving marine environment around Cocos Island! We’re currently exploring with Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) whether this is an effective way to move forward or if there are other forms of technology that can help guard the area both day and night, 24/7.

I’ll see if Joanna from TIRN can write a follow-up blog post to share with Nodders :sunny: