Where's Mel this time?


Find Mel ! I found out where she went, but can’t find her… yet! Help me!

Going through picture, yelling “Mel, Mel” = 5 points

Going through picture, laughing at bathing suits = minus 5 points

Playing leapfrog = plus 20 points

Catching a ball = plus 30 points

Punting a ball = minus 15 pts

Tackling Mel = minus 10 pts

Knocking Mel over = minus 10 pts

:star: : Tagging Mel = plus 110 pts

Tagging Mel as Weddell Seal = minus 25 pts

Tagging Mel as black rock = minus 30 pts

Who is up for the challenge?

Who will dare to take on the impossible?

Ready, Set, GO!



If it were an ink blot, I bet I could find Mel. :rofl: :wink:

With just a quick glance I thought I saw @Doug4 showing off his bicep to 3 women, Em heading back to the car as she tells her husband she forgot her bathing suit, @TerriB hitting on some young guy, and @Helen discussing holiday plans with a friend (@Beverly1? She had her back to me). Now when I stop going cross-eyed staring at this photo - maybe if I copy and blow it up - I may be able to pick out @Mel_Nod - unless she’s ducked into one of the changing tents. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think she went into a changing tent a few weeks ago… and disappeared! Maybe DG made a new team tasked to go clean the scanner beds on the Satellites? She dropped one of the lint wipes and it landed on this beach. So she had to come back to Earth to get more.

Isn’t this how @HappyMapper disappeared, so long ago? :crying_cat_face:


If I’m to be found anywhere that beach, I’ll be under the water!
Why waste a the day like that kicking sand about on the beach when I could be under the waves tagging fish :wink: :rofl:



:grimacing: I remember that :sob:


Me too. :crying_cat_face:
Never even said goodbye. :-1:


I think Mel has a pony tail. What do you think?


I can see @Jim7 sitting on a blanket hoisting a pint… I’ll have to wait to enlarge this tiny image though… later.

Just took a download… to work on and noticed two beach balls sitting on the ground in strangely open areas of sand… could that be indication of beach quicksand pools… sometimes happens… and whoever had the balls in hand could be under there…!


Now I don’t feel so bad. Everyone has a vivid (and sometimes weird) imagination. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I’m so glad to see that!


Maybe you were right earlier (in the Find Mel thread). Maybe Mel entered one of those changing tents on the beach and never came out! :open_mouth: :grinning:

Tech - 2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal

Well, maybe she was helping a seal to fit into a 2-piece suit and found the ties were too short, so she went to a CO hardware store to get twine, but realized it needed dyed purple. And maybe that’s when she ran into Happy who convinced her to go see Alien lights in the skies and they got lost going over the mountains? That’s when some mt goats wandered by and decided to help them. The goats took them to a Big Foot cave, but Footie was out so they had to wait a day and a half. By the time they finished dinner (turnips with a side of goat cheese), it was too late to resume travel. When they awoke, Footie appeared with a wolf pack which were going to escort them to the state line. That’s when Happy decided they would try to reach Devil’s Tower in Idaho!

The DG constellation of satellites has been following the women and their animal guides.


:thinking: Me thinks this needs to be moved from “Technical Issues” to “Find Mel.”


Ah you tricked me! lol


Hear ye, Hear ye!

BOLO 1 description given!

Long brown hair
Brown eyes
More info to follow

BOLO 2 description
pretty smile
known to get lost during team get togethers because she’s studying reports
last seen with crowd on beach
speculation that she was traveling with a western Big Foot and other animal guides on the way to Idaho.
Possibly with Happy_Mapper.


So that’s where she went. Me thinks we have been left adrift, again! Something is afoot at the DG, me thinks. Aw, well, we are easily amused, pretty much know how to talk each other into minor fixes, and play well together, so we’re all good.


Maybe it was someone’s birthday and now they’re all hung over from too much libation. :nauseated_face:


BOLO missing person alert canceled.

Found swinging on a dinosaur bone on the old Jurassic Park movie set. *No dinos injured in the making of the movie.


I was right! @Mel_Nod had too much libation and was caught swinging on dinosaur bones! Boy, I stopped doing that sort of thing at 18… or was that 28… no… alright… 38 (and I’m not going any higher). :grin: