Where's Mel this time?


Someone send @Jim7 some snow to shovel… I think he needs something constructive to do…


Are you in the right thread? LOL


Yes, please! All of my snow is frozen! :laughing:

This is where the photo is posted… right? :neutral_face: You both know I’m sitting here laughing, don’t you? I just came in from outside. Nice out… slight breeze with mild gusts… no clouds… lots of stars… -6F/-21C. Maybe I was outside too long? Nah! :sweat_smile:


Aw Jim, you could have had all of our snow if I’d have known you wanted some more! Maximum I think I saw was around 2 inches deep this morning :roll_eyes:… but it’s made headline news for the day!


2 inches? I could sneeze that much. :sneezing_face: Oh, if only I could… I’d be forcing myself to sneeze non-stop. :laughing:


That is the amount blowing in the wind today…the other 10-20 cm (3-7inches) is about to fall …ugh…:wind_face::cold_face::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow:


If you’d been hearing our news bulletins both last night (before the “snow event”) and this morning (the aftermath), you’d have thought that total disaster had hit the southern UK. Not sure why they have to dramaticize it that much, especially not when you guys over the pond really do have some cold weather to endure. (That only gets a secondary mention in the news…)


I saw it on our news this morning! :smiley:


It’s all melted now! Almost like it never happened…


I actually feel the same way - too much dramatizing over snowfalls less than 24"/61 cm. :neutral_face: But then again, I :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: the snow and I know how to drive in snow. There had been many a time when we weren’t called out to work until after there was almost 6"/15 cm on the road (and still falling hard). My shotgun and I had to drive 6 miles/9.6 km to get to the town garage. There are 3 hills I had to get up: my own street, a hill at the village limits that was about a half mile long (and very steep), and a short but steep hill up in the hollow. On top of that there are lots of winding sections of the highway and several sharp curves (10 mph/16 kph on a dry day). Only once did have to slide back down that second hill and take a detour into the next county to bypass that steep hill. It also added about 5 miles/8 km and 20 minutes to our trip. Of course it helps to have good tires on your vehicle in winter. Some cars I’ve seen have tires that should have been sent to the recycling center. :rofl: I wouldn’t even use those in the summer! :grinning:
Oooh! We’re getting way off topic here. :roll_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :innocent:


The key …no matter how much snow…if you have never driven in it, drivers tend to oversteer, brake too hard…skid, etc etc…

Unless Mel is in the snow?


She just might be. My shotgun used to go into the supermarket parking lot (in the village) late at night after the first snow and “practice” - doing donuts, speeding and cutting the wheels sharply and then getting out of a spin, etc… He was stopped by the police once while doing that and the officer asked him what he was doing. He told him he was practicing and that his Driver Ed teacher had suggested that so he could see how his vehicle handled in such situations. The officer agreed it was a good idea and left. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: And so far I haven’t seen anyone posting any numbers about how many things they’ve found on the list I posted above. :confused: Okay, so you don’t have to count the grains of sand. Jeez! :grin:


I’m going to have to start fining when folks go off topic (stern look above my glasses). Got weather talk in the Find Mel topic. tsk tsk


I’m going to tell my wife when we’re talking about one thing and she brings up another, I’m leaving the room. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll come back when she wants to finish what we were first talking about. :rofl:


—> Sitting on the sidelines holding out a broom, and a shovel. D can take one, or both. LOLOL


Boy, are you quick to help her… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I thought you might like to put her to work on the porch while you shovel snow. :batting eyes in innocence:


No, no, no! By the time I finished shoveling she’d have a list of things she’d want done to the porch! Things like, “the steps need to be repainted; the porch floor should be stained again; the railings and balusters look like they could use another coat of stain; the porch ceiling should be stained again, a couple of steps have cracked (surface cracks) and should be replaced; and the siding really needs to be pressure washed. (She missed out doing that last fall and that’s all I hear about… how bad she wants to do that.) And that’s just for starters, aside from the fact she’s already told me I should relay the blue stone (3” thick) in the walkway to the street. :grimacing:


Well, Honey-do, there is your answer! SHE wants to do that. So put your feet up, tell her where the stuff is, give her some farmer jeans… and there you go!

(And, the toilet is still frozen. Guess I need to fix it tomorrow. Naptime now.)