Where's Mel this time?


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Don’t laugh! Even tonight she came in off the porch and said how the siding has to be pressure washed first thing when the weather gets warm! I hope her idea of “warm” is over 50F/10C! :neutral_face:


Ok, I think I found 88 men but that could be a few too many as I’m wearing new glasses, full of cold, tired, lost count, lost my way and off to bed. Think I’d better try this in the morning when my eyes are actually awake :sleepy:

Whoever said ‘sharing is caring’ lied . . . sharing a cold with me is not very caring in my book :angry:


Put heat against your upper chest so it doesn’t settle in your lungs.


Even if they gave you a “bigger portion?” :roll_eyes: :grinning:


A short while ago I saw an article - but didn’t get chance to read the entire thing - about a study that concluded that if you raise your core body temperature, you’re less likely to get sick, and should you do, your body gets well faster. Years ago my mother always insisted that we keep our feet warm and dry in the winter so as to not get sick. An “old wife’s tale” with some truth behind it? :thinking:


Funny you should say that; that’s exactly what I did yesterday :smiley: Think I’ll keep on doing that too, helps with that chill I feel through to the bone. Hopefully it just stays in my head; been sneezing my brains out these past few days cold-fever%20flu-cold

Right, now I’m definitely going to put the kettle on for a hot water bottle running%20away


Just a warning for everyone… Be careful with hot water bottles in bed. A friend in Bristol (we share the same birthday) had one in bed, the top came off, and fully burned the top of his foot. He’s in (Southmead??) hospital now. They have to do a bypass now to restore blood flow to his foot.


I’ve made a few variations of these flax seed bags, that heat up in the microwave and don’t spill.


That’s ok, we never take them to bed anyway, we all seem to get too hot and the quilts end up on the floor :roll_eyes:


It’s funny, I have one of those microwave neck warmers but I only ever find when I don’t need it :crazy_face:


:rofl: You sound like me. I can look all summer for something I need, but finally find it in the winter - when it’s of no use to me. And winter things don’t make an appearance until mid-summer. Then the ultimate crazy thing happens… I forget where I put everything away, a special spot I knew (at the time) I wouldn’t forget where I put them away. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Some times it’s just so much easier and faster to look 5 minutes and then go buy whatever it is you can’t find - until you get home and put the new item away… “oh! there’s what I was looking for!” :roll_eyes: But hey! Now I have two! :shushing_face: :smile:

Just this morning I looked all over for my camera to take some pictures of a hawk. I looked right where I left it… not there. Okay, I figure my wife moved it and she’s outside. I check the master bedroom and closet… not in there. I check every drawer and cabinet in the china closet… not there. I check the bedrooms upstairs… not in those either. I even checked the cupboards in the kitchen (just to be on the safe side)… nope! My wife comes in and I told her I can’t find my camera and I’ve looked high and low for it. She walks into the bedroom, reaches up to the top side shelf and comes down with the camera, turns and says, “here you go… and I don’t want to see it left on the kitchen counter again… it doesn’t belong there.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It would have been so much simpler had she just told me to put it up or at least told me that she moved it and to where. :unamused: