Why noTomnod link


Why isn’t there a link from here to the Tomnod home page? One that would make it easy to get from here to there and back again.


@tomnodcollin @tomnodryan @HappyMapper I have often asked that myself! When there are multiple campaigns and maybe you are getting the old screen lag it would be nice to pop back out and perhaps go to another if there is that option. Maybe one of TPTB has a reason why it can’t be done, or probably more like it is on their very long list of “honey-do’s”! :grinning:


I think @cageycat answered the question HERE



Yup she did and I didn’t see it until you posted it… I know this because I hadn’t liked it yet! Hat tip to @Bjarne :womans_hat:


Ah, so she did, I’d forgotten about that one too :blush:
I’ve bookmarked it now though :grin:
Errr, sorry @cageycat :wink:

Think I need to bookmark my bookmarks :sweat_smile:


I have it bookmarked and just go hit my favorites and click the trusty little link :link: :sunglasses:


I’m working from a computer with Windows Vista and Google Chrome. If I log onto the forum first, I can just open a new tab and click the Tomnod link I have stored on my toolbar and it opens right up without having to log in again. (Works just as good as a direct link from here.)

If I log onto Tomnod first though, then I have to log on again when I click on the speech bubble to enter the forum. So, I just tend to stick with the first option, Forum then TN and only have to log in the once :slight_smile: Besides, I prefer it that way as I can check for out any problems that might have arisen since I was last on TN :slight_smile:


Darn, you beat me to it Ruth :smile:
I was in the middle of writing the same (the long winded version :sweat_smile: ) and went to make a brew before I clicked “Reply” :laughing:


I am closing this topic as it has been remedied. :grin: