Wish: Map selection


Most campaigns consist of more than one map.
If I have to logout, I get the next time often a new map, even the last one was not completed. After a while my campaign consists of completely, partial and undone maps.
Sometimes I get a completed map, but I first have to zoom around to see that.

So, it would bee nice to have a list of all maps of a specific campaign, with at least the percentage of discovered/undiscovered tiles, where I can select the map I want to work on.


Thanks for sharing, we are always looking for ways to improve the overall experience on Tomnod. The good news here is that we track Nodders’ contributions via map tiles (aka. the rectangular section of the map that fits on your screen at zoom 0). Therefore, if you haven’t completed an entire map, it’s not counted against you… I like the idea of having percentages so you can track your own progress!


@Peter1 Till now a simple BOOKMARK in my browser has brought me back to any map-tile I have saved (open or closed campaigns). Worked for me, U ?


Hi Bjarne,
I don’t work always on the same computer and I don’t like the cloud …


@Peter1 Save boomarks to a USB-stick while away from home ?
A work-around ?