WorldView4 Launch Watch live! Broadcast begins Nov. 11 at 10:05 a.m. PST


Launch information verified on the United Launch Alliance @ulalaunch Facebook Page!!

Watch live! Launch broadcast begins Nov. 11 at 10:05 a.m. PST.

Click here to watch via the ULA website:

Click here to watch via YouTube:

In honor of the universe and us all—

Have you heard… all the places WV4 might take us to in coming years?? WOW!! Check it out!!



I plan on being here!


After waiting - sometimes not so patiently - for months, I was so prepared to watch. Even though the girls had no school today and could sleep in, both awoke around 7:15 ET! By the time we got them out of bed, to the “potty,” got them dressed and got downstairs, let the dogs out, and got the girls situated in the parlor, I missed the launch! Arrrgh! :scream: Oh well, eventually Digital Globe will have the launch placed on YouTube so we can watch it on a later date - as they did with the WV-3 launch.


Absolutely Great!!! Flawlessly smooth launch. Maybe they will let us test the images fromWV4…


That would be awesome!


I read that WV4 will be used for more of the commercial and non-gov’tal requests. It sounded like more citizen scientists’ involvement–at least, that’s how I interpreted the writing.

After SpaceX’s explosion, the CA fire, and minor fixes for WV4 or the Atlas rocket and all those :roller_coaster: events , I’m pleased that ‘labor & delivery’ had no further complications.

Congrats to @tomnod :rocket:


Made the news!!!

Always nice to read about the launches!


This website has a long list of articles about WV4s launch, with pictures!


Ah fudge cakes and fiddle sticks :confounded: I missed it!!! :cry:


It is ok, it looked like this :rocket: and it went very fast. Trust me I am pretty sure there will be another!



I suppose I could always replay the last one and pretend :laughing:


You CAN STILL watch on YouTube:

Right Click on video and choose Open in New Tab. Or, watch inside the Forum box.

By the way, the launch part is in the first part of the video



Aw, thanks Cagey :kissing_heart: It truly is an awesome sight; I can go to bed content as an over fed cat now :grin:
Night night


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I watched the video and the launch was flawless! Now I just wish there was some way to watch a meteor shower when it’s so cloudy where I am that you can’t even see the moon! :grinning:


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Seeing the Super Moon and Meteors

Has anyone else wondered how WV4 is doing now that she’s floating free? :smiley:

Seeing the Super Moon and Meteors
Seeing the Super Moon and Meteors

She floating above the Earth so free, she’s probably freezing her buns off!

Seeing the Super Moon and Meteors

She could always “moon” the sun to warm up a little. :laughing:

Seeing the Super Moon and Meteors